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It is the ultimate civil engineering range, equipped with an identical rotor to that on the BPM, the OBL’X range of crushers have working depths of 40 cm. As with the BPM both wood and stone can be crushed thanks to the wide range of wearing parts.
Wearing parts can be changed quickly and the design of the machine (patented) enables work to be carried out at different power takeoff speeds in order to adapt to the working conditions. The wearing parts are spirally mounted (multi-spirals as an option for grinding stones or tree stumps) providing constant performance and an even finish.
The double row pivoting bearings are mounted in the rotor shaft in order to increase the machines strength and to improve soil penetration. Ground clearance at the entrance of the crusher is 55 cm.

Rotor drive is either through one or two cascades of gears mounted on a shock absorber enabling a maximum of 600 hp to be transferred without affecting penetration. The anvils are hydraulically adjustable with a Non-Stop safety mechanism.
They are fitted in several sections in order to react as quickly as possible in the event of contact with a foreign body. The rear skids control the working depth hydraulically.
The OBL’X driveline enables all the tractor’s power to be passed to the rotor, enabling it to be very power efficient.