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MIXED CRUSHERS (Stone and wood).

Based on the OBL’X civil engineering range, these crushers offer interesting versatility for crushing stones and wood in an agricultural or civil engineering environment. Crushing is carried out when the stones are hit between the wearing parts and the anvils (that are mounted in several sections). The anvils are mounted on rams that are coupled to a hydraulic shock absorber. The fact that they are mounted in several sections makes them more reactive and efficient when they encounter a foreign body. The whole frame is protected by interchangeable wearing parts. The pivoting double roller bearings are capable of withstanding both shock and effort and are protected by chicane dust seals. A hydraulic rake (option) enables branches to be managed and contained when grinding wood above ground level. Demountable tines improve ground penetration where necessary (maximum 25 cm). BPM working widths are from 1 m 60 to 3 m. The BPM driveline is capable of handling from 80 to 450 hp depending on the model. The polyvalence of the BPM makes it suitable for use by farmers, machinery rings and civil engineering companies for working depths of up to 25 cm.

This range of mixed crushers (wood and stone) is equipped with quickchange (patented) hammers. The hammers are spirally mounted on the rotor enabling it reduce shocks and work under a constant load . A wide choice (6 types) of wearing parts consisting of 3 ranges is available:

  • wood
  • wood and stones
  • stones