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On land, plough type stubble cultivator.
The RAPID LAB is a soil working implement intended for mixing organic residue whilst simultaneously burying it efficiently. It also ensures the survival of the microbial life in the top 10 cm of the soil profile.
It provides both efficient weed destruction and rapid decomposition of straw residues.
The small 11 inch bodies not only reduce the horsepower requirement but also ease future ploughing operations.
The organic matter is mixed over a shallow depth and thus the humus stays near the surface. Agricultural chemical requirements are reduced (particularly useful in organic farming situations).

Modular from 8 to 10 bodies in fixed frame and from 10 to 14 bodies in folding version

  • Distance between bodies 60 cm
  • Height under frame 65 cm
  • Distance between body 60 cm
  • 1 gauge wheel with 8 to 10 bodies on a fixed frame
  • 2 gauge wheels on folding frame
  • Optional mechanical and hydraulic tilt corrector
  • Safety version with bolts, non-stop with springs or hydraulic