T 1800 Bugnot

T 1800.

Vertical high lift boom extension for round and square bales suitable for telescopic handlers. Height increase 1.8 m.

Equipment fitted with 2 tine grab arms as standard (A 811)
As with all the other equipment in the range, brackets are available enabling the T1800 to be mounted on all front loaders and telescopic handlers equipped with automatic hitches.

Depending on the intended use there are several types of grab arms available:

  • wrapped bale squeezer arms = Ø < 1,3 m (A808 T1) and wrapped bale squeezer arms = 1,3 < Ø < 1,6 m (A808 T2)
  • bale grab arms Ø < 1,60 m (A811) as standard
  • 3 tine grab arms for bales Ø > 1,60 m (A809)
  • 4 tine grab arms for square bales (A810)
  • option: protective frame