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ROTOLEV 2500 S High lift round bale grab.

High lift round bale grab (2.5 m above loader height), with bale rotation and a reinforced frame.
As with the other equipment in the range, adaptable mounting brackets are supplied with the ROTOLEV 2500 S in order for it to be compatible with front end loaders and telescopic handlers that are equipped with automatic linkages.

Different grab sizes are available in order to suit different bale diameters.

  • wrapped bale grabs<1.3 m, and included between 1.3m and 1.6m
  • bale grab with 3 tines, for bales with a diameter of > 1.6m
  • bale grab with 4 tines for square bales
  • wrapped bale grab = Ø < 1,3 m (A808 T1)
  • wrapped bale grab = 1,3 < Ø < 1,6 m (A808 T2)
  • bale grab Ø < 1,60 m (A811)
  • bale grab  Ø > 1,60 m (A809)  as standard