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Serbal XL Bugnot

SERBAL XL PRO Reinforced wrapped bale handler.

Reinforced wrapped bale handler.

Similar to the Serbal, but designed to incorporate 2 rams and a reinforced frame. It can carry heavier bales, cope with more intense use and withstand greater hydraulic pressures.
A single type of grab arm for all bale diameters, 1 m <Ø< 1,70 m .

Monobloc welded frame with welded reinforcing bars on the frame for increased strength, self lubricating bushes for longer life, 2 double acting rams that push when bale squeezing for increased efficiency and safety.

The pivoting squeezing arms adapt to the bale diameter perfectly.

The SERBAL XL PRO is suitable for both front-end loaders and telescopic handlers.