CAROLEV 2403 R bale handler.

Bale handler with rotation through 180° for several square bales, suitable for telescopic handlers.
Hydraulic requirements:

2 double acting hydraulic services


  • 1 d/a hydraulic service for opening and closing. Squeezing starts on the extreme right going to the left, opening starts on the extreme left going to the right.
  • 1 d/a hydraulic service for rotation. The grab mechanism pivots through 180° in relation to the loader.
    As with the other equipment in the range, brackets are available to enable the CAROLEV 2403 R to be mounted on all front-end loaders and telescopic handlers.
    The implement is identical to the 2403F, but is equipped with a 180° rotation mechanism,
    It can pick up the following:
  • 3 bales of 0.8m. with arms 3 X 4 tines
  • 2 bales of 1.2m. with arms 2 × 6 tines
    It is possible to fit an electrohydraulic spool valve