CAROLEV 2403 F square bale handler.

Square bale handler suitable for telescopic loaders, capable of handling several bales at a time. Bale squeezing starts on the right-hand side of the grab going towards the left. Grab opening starts on the left-hand side of the grab going towards the right.

The fixed frame is shaped like an ‘L lying down’, enabling the bales to be pushed up well before squeezing.
As with the other equipment in the range, brackets are available to enable the CAROLEV 2403 F to be fitted to all types of front end loader and telescopic handler.
Only one hydraulic service is required for squeezing:


  • 3 bales of 0.8 m and 3×4 tines
  • 2 bales of 1.2 m with 2×6 tines