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The BFO and BFSP range is equipped with stone crusher rotors can be equipped with a wide range of wearing parts, (6 models) consisting  of 3 types: wood, wood and stone, stone.
Apart from its strength and being capable of working at different PTO speeds, the wearing part mounting system enables rapid changes between types of wearing parts.
Very tough bearings (twin row oscillating rollers) are mounted in the rotor, they are the same as those fitted to the OBL’ X stone crusher, and have been proving their reliability for numerous years. The BFO and BFSP range (rotors of 1.97 m to 2.81 m) has incomparable strength and longevity

Mounting the hammers in a spiral ensures constant effort and eliminates shock loads on the rotor.
As with the BFL range the gearbox stays parallel to the tractor power takeoff shaft in order to eliminate transmission fatigue.
The frame can be hydraulically steered from the tractor seat thus ensuring user-friendliness. The BFO and BFSP range is designed to cope with the power range: 200 hp to 500 hp.
The rotor transmission consists of either drive belts or cascades of gears mounted on shock absorbers.