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Autonomous shredder with 200 hp thermal engine

For shredding plants and branches

Loading by mechanical shovel

Rotor fitted with mobile carbide hammers


  • Passage of 35 cm maximum between the conveyor belts
  • Entrance channel of 1.32 m (length of the lower belt: 2.90 m)
  • Average yield 80m3 / h or 5.9 t / h
  • Radio remote control of carpet advance (forward-stop-reverse)
  • Emergency stops all around the machine with reset by an operator according to the latest standards in force
  • No stress system programmable at will (3 ranges of use allow to adapt to all types of branches and to the desired quality of the chip)
  • Very simple and easy maintenance after opening the side covers
  • Rotor equipped with 68 mobile carbide hammers
  • Possibility of mounting 1 or 2 counter knives for finer grinding
  • Hydraulic rear door
  • Rotor identical to those of our stone crushers (double row roller bearings)
  • 200hp thermal engine