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A story that began in 1915.

The Bugnot company was founded in 1915. It owes its name to Louis Bugnot who, in his workshop in Roches-Bettaincourt in the Haute-Marne (52), was offering agricultural equipment such as ploughs, hay and straw trays, lifting aggregators and bale lifters.

He was immediately very successful with the farmers of the village, and then of the department. Little by little, Louis surrounded himself with trusted collaborators and this is how his small company became what it is today.

Aware of the economic challenges of tomorrow, we invest every year in people and equipment to ensure that our production remains innovative and at the cutting edge of technology. Two factories of 2200 m² each, one in Doulaincourt, the other in Chauvency St Hubert, reinforce our production means.

Always attentive to our customers’ needs, we regularly expand our range of equipment by developing new, ever more efficient and reliable devices.

Entreprise Bugnot
Entreprise Bugnot